To Bee Or Not To Bee

Cards against Teen Wolf

Word bank: Scott, Isaac, Deaton, Derek, Lydia, Kira, Peter, Chris, Melissa, Rafael, Sheriff, Stiles, Malia, Jeff Davis, Teen Wolf the show, Erica, Allison, Coach Finstock


*walks into H&M*



i don’t care how fucking obnoxious and cliche it is to want to live in new york city i want to live in new york city

Why don’t you just shut up about what you think is ‘natural’ with me to do with my body and gender and go the fuck away. Thanks.


only true 90s kids remember what it was like when stiles and derek had canon scenes together


i dont chase after men but if he has tattoos and muscles a bitch just might power walk

I am still slightly bothered by rude anons commenting on my gender so I am just going to fill the void by writing a Sterek fic for Claire.

God bless that girl.


I had a Sterek dream where Stiles and Derek were locked in a cell and their captors were slowly leaking wolfsbane gas into the cell making Derek weaker and sicker by the minute and Stiles needed to save the two of them and now I need this fic someone give me this fic pLEASE